Team Event 2017

Team Event Riders for Warley Wasps 2017
Bike No; Autos Bike
76 Harley Prickett KTM 50  2018
77 Jenson Severn KTM 50  2017
78 Kealan Helm KTM 50  2017
79 Zane Sibley-Deakin KTM 50  2017
80 Alfie Dawson KTM 50  2016
81 Lee Simkiss KTM 50  2017
76 Lincoln Hasted HUSKY 65 2017
77 Harry Beach KTM 65 2016
78 Harvey Jackson KTM 65 2017
79 Ashton Phillips KTM 65 2016
80 Ben Spurr HUSKY 65 2017
81 Kayne Lawlor KTM 65 2014
SW 85
76 Ben Humphries KTM 85 2017
77 Jake O'Gorman HUSKY 85 2017
78 Matt Tolley KTM 85 2017
79 Brodie Salt KTM 85 2017
80 Billy Austin KTM 85 2016
81 Joseph Brookes KTM 85 2017
76 Charlie Griffiths HUSKY 85 2017
77 Harvey Matthews KTM 85 2016
78 Tyler James Matthews KWAK 85 2016
79 Christopher Thornton KTM 85 2015
80 Bailey Daniels HUSKY 85 2017
81 James Hanscomb KTM 85 2016
Warley Wasps team 2017
Bike No; Seniors Bike
76 Joseph Davies TM 125 2017
77 Owen Woodhouse KTM 125 2017
78 Ryan Manley KTM 125 2017
79 Finley Smith KTM 125 2017
80 Jude Hartwell HUSKY 125 2017
81 Marshall Smith TM 125 2017
76 Nathan Bache KTM 125 2014
77 Ryan Carey KTM 250F 2016
78 Ben Bird YAM 250F 2016
79 Marcus Cooper  KWAK 250F 2016
80 Liam Deegan HUSKY 250F 2017
81 Karl Haycock SUZK 250F 2014
76 Jordan Saunders KTM 250 2015
77 Joe Seedhouse KTM 250 2015
78 Jordan Wright KTM 250 2016
79 Duncan Winnall KTM 350F 2016
80 Andrew Marchant KTM 350F 2018
81 Robert Clark KTM 250 2017

Latest news.

Next meeting February 19th
booking online,
make your own transponder arrangments. Any new members ask Simon for transponder assistance and let Stewart know the transponder number
Thank you



 Bridgestone making tracks in motocross with Schoolboy Association

Bridgestone is hoping to make tracks in one of the fastest growing motorbike tyre sectors in the UK, after agreeing to team up with a historic motocross organisation for the first time.

The world’s biggest tyre manufacturer believes that the sport of motocross will offer significant traction in terms of brand awareness and sales opportunities, and has formed a partnership with the British Schoolboy Motorcycle Association (BSMA) to begin in 2014.

The relationship will coincide with the BSNMA’s resurrection of its six-round Clubman Championship, following an absence from the domestic motocross calendar.

The competition boasts different age classes and Bridgestone believes that the partnership will lend itself to father and son race entries and a significant number of opportunities with a broad, captive audience

And in a further boost to riders, Bridgestone’s portfolio of motocross tyres will be readily available to purchase throughout 2014 at BSMA events, where seven-time Dakar Rally competitor Mick Extance will be working in partnership with the brand to offer advice and fittings.

The British Schoolboy Motorcycle Association (BSMA) is a confederation of clubs set up in November 1969 to facilitate youth motorcycle sport. It ran its first season in 1970.

Participating clubs run bespoke events every weekend for riders who wish to ride locally, along with a National Series for those that want to take their riding to a new level.

Bridgestone’s motorcycle product manager Gary Hartshorne said: “We are long-standing admirers of motocross and see a number of opportunities in the sport, having sponsored Rob Yates, one of Britain’s brightest young talents in 2013.

“We boast a portfolio of motocross tyre products which we believe are amongst the very best in the industry and a close relationship with the BSMA will allow us to raise awareness in our offering and stimulate interest too.”



  • New 2017 dates are now on the fixtures page
  • Can all Members try and book in before the Thursday prior to the meeting.
  • New start time for winter series 8.00 am - 9.15am Sign on - 9.30 am practice.
  • Noise Testing Will be carried out at wasps meetings for 2017
  • Clean up after yourselves.  Please take home all of your litter.
  • Land Owners have asked that Tear-Offs are not used at any of the Warley Wasps Tracks for the 2017 season.

Transponder System

  • Warley Wasps do not supply or hire Transponders.
  • Riders will be able to use borrowed or shared transponders provided they notify the transponder operator.
TO PURCHASE A TRANSPONDER PLEASE CONTACT TRACEY O'CONNOR on 07436563264 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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